Our Favorite Place

As many of you know, Princess Louisa Inlet is one of our favorite places in the world. The trip in was pretty cloudy, but calm. The big mountains were cloud covered but the shoreline was glowing with colorful moss and liken.  The shoreline was like natures art gallery.

 We spotted two eagles, including a juvenile finishing his final color change.

We decided to stop about 5 miles outside of the inlet for the night in a new spot.  It proved a perfect anchorage and we were met by an heron, seal, and raven.  We ended our day with some nice kayaking before the evening rain began. 

The La Niña theme continues and the weather was less than awesome.  But, as we suspected, that means waterfall abundance.  Chatterbox falls was very full.  Our favorite spot was available and as we anchored and did our successful shore tie, a glowing rainbow appeared in the gray sky.

Unlike all our other visits, the water was too cold too swim: only 65 degrees instead of 75.

We love sharing this magical place with friends and this year we were joined by Barbara and Richard Wortley.  We measure all yucky weather against the time when Jack and Ruth Halsell joined us a couple of years ago.  This was not anything less ke the extreme of “Jack and Ruth weather” (a unrelenting, soaking rain lasting 3 days).

They landed and we shared two very special days surrounded by the beauty of the ever changing views, clouds and waterfalls.    

Of course we shared yummy meals and great scotch too. 

When the weather cleared we kayaked and took the tender on an adventure out of the inlet ending with an ice cream stop and tour of Malibu Camp, a “Young Life” Christian camp at the entrance to the inlet.  Richard got an amazing photo of a hummingbird with his phone as we toured part of the camp.

 Richard got this amazing photo of a hummingbird with his phone.  The hummingbird showed no interest in Richard what so ever.
Although it was cloudy on Monday, their seaplane arrived on time and they headed home with no drama. 

Black Bear in Princess Louisa!

The sun broke out and we enjoyed a lovely, long kayak complete with our first ever bear sighting in PLI.  He was sleeping behind this extremely beautiful cedar root burl.  Jim just missed seeing the bear as he woke up with a start and quickly scampered away on an animal trail.  

2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Place

  1. We enjoyed reading and seeing your vacation. Thanks for sending it to us! God bless your big hearts! We loved the pictures

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