Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Dear Friends, and Family,

We wanted to send you all our holiday letter! For those of you who send them by mail, we are delayed getting them in the mail because of the big storm.

We also want to let you know that the Curve of Time Podcast Season 1 is complete! Episode 9 is posted. It’s definitely our best. We hope you agree. It really helps if you listen, share, rate and subscribe. We’ve learned so much in this process and hope that we can do a Season 2. We are looking for sponsors, so if you know anyone let us know.

Here is the link. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/curve-of-time-podcast/id1633329225?i=1000590698523

We are blessed to be healthy and share our lives with our beautiful family and friends. I’ve just spent some time reviewing the photos of the year. We take a lot of photos and videos! And thank goodness, because it’s so easy to forget all the fun and blessings the year has brought.

Our year began with lots of snow and ends with lots of snow up here in Alpental. It’s a good thing we love the snow, skiing and snowshoeing! Nature’s beauty abounds from sunsets in Hawaii and on the True Love, to Auroras from Norway and so many wonderful sites in Italy. We are not going to print them here. The blog and Facebook have them all!

Jim has retired fully from the Dick’s Board and turned 65. Certainly two very big milestones! 🎂

Fawn continues to play the ukulele and has completed the first season of The Curve of Time Podcast. It’s a family adventure podcast with a fantastic cast inspired by The Curve of Time book and featuring many of our boating adventures. We would love you to listen and share it with your family and friends.

We both love to read and have enjoyed many books. Fawn read lots of the classic adventure books from Moby Dick to Swiss Family Robinson for inspiration for the Curve podcast. Jim just finished Invisible Man. Fawn is usually reading many books at once from the serious Lincoln Highway to lots of book candy. We’ve both enjoyed Ryan Holiday’s books on Stoicism. On our drives we listen to podcasts. Our three favorites are EconTalk, Advisory Opinions and Common Sense and of course The Curve of Time Podcast (shameless plug). Adding some pickleball, golf and bridge with friends keeps our minds and bodies healthy.

The rhythm of our lives, moving from Alpental, to the True Love, to Oahu, certainly requires organization and great proficiency in packing, but it gives us so much joy. Now that we are traveling again we can include some adventures abroad. This year we checked off our bucket list seeing the Aurora in Norway, visiting the Puglia region in SE Italy and ending with a 10 day walking tour of Sicily. ✈️ The world is an amazing place and we want to see more of it in the years to come.

Of course we can’t be gone from Seattle area for too long. Our family is the magnet that always brings us home. We cherish our time with the grandchildren especially sharing their important activities which include lots of baseball, pumpkin carving, basketball, skiing, and just hanging out. They come visit us in Hawaii too for some fantastic beach time.

This year we traveled to Austin to see Saul at SXSW. He created something really beautiful and we were lucky to see it. We celebrated the marriage of Dani and Scotty. And we went to our Annual Dick’s Family Assembly in Chelan. This month the family gathered to celebrate Ina Lou’s 90th birthday! Just this past week my Mom flew up for some long overdue visiting and we even got in a snowshoe!

To paraphrase one of our favorite movies: we really have had a wonderful year! ❤️

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, much love, health and of course a little adventure.

Love, Fawn & Jim