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  1. Greetings: I discovered your website while doing a search for Trapper Rick. I met him (along with Hermit Bob) while breakfasting at Tias in Port McNeil. I’m out of Seattle on a 33′ Sloop-Tipperrary-singlehanding my way around Vancouver Island (couldn’t Shanghai my wife/cook/catcher-processor this trip). I noted your concerns with internet access. What we do is stop @ Ralph’s Radio in Victoria after we clear customs. From them we procured a cell based hotspot (around $200) and each summer we’re in Canada we sign up thru them with Telus for a data plan -are furnished a sim card and have pretty good access-Certainly not as comprehensive as with a satellite system but orders of magnitude cheaper.

    I too went into Nimmo-they weren’t offering a guest dinner that night, but Brianna invited me to the staff meal and after having “cooked” for myself (canned beans and Yakisoba) it was heavenly.

    If you’d care to compare notes sometime, I’d be delighted to do so.

    Fair Winds

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