A La Niña Summer Cruise

This year we chose to leave for our annual northern cruise before July 4th.  Peter Glick and Gail Luxenburg boarded on July 1 as we road the outgoing tide north to Port Townsend.  

We had our first challenge before preparing dinner.  The Captain spotted water dripping from the ceiling entering our stateroom below the kitchen sink.  After investigating and discussing taking the faucet apart, the Captain discovered that the faucet head was loose causing the water to leak down the hose. It just needed to be tightened, crisis adverted. 

The weather report was constantly shifting.  When we went to sleep the forecast was for light winds the next afternoon and heavy winds in the early morning.   In the afternoon we hoped to visit Lois and George at Guemes Island (near Anacortes), but the weather prediction was for high winds so we decided to head to Friday Harbor, where we found a lovely anchorage behind Bowen Island where we were greated by an eagle.The crossing of the dreaded Strait of Juan de Fuca was a bit bumpy and foggy in the distance, but not bad.  Gail, who was concerned about rough seas did not have any problem.  Unfortunately there were no Orca or whale sightings on this crossing.

Our afternoon was spent relaxing while Gail and Peter went kayaking.  

Sunday we enjoyed a lazy morning, raised anchor and headed into Friday Harbor to top off the diesel, drop off our guests and head off to Canada.

We were concerned about crossing Haro Strait given the high wind warnings, but once again the forecasters were wrong.  Obviously, the weather forecasters are having trouble shifting to the La Niña model.  The windy forecast never changed, but we ignored it and anchored at our favorite spot just outside of Montage Harbour.  It took all our effort to stay awake for sunset, but our fortitude was rewarded.  The next day we enjoyed a lovely kayak before heading north to Naniamo.

Naniamo is our perfect stop for provisioning before heading north.  The weather was mixed, but lovely.  We enjoyed our annual Greek dinner at Teverna and brought home plenty of leftovers. It didn’t feel like July, but early spring or fall. 

Yesterday, we took advantage of the sunny, relatively calm morning to cross Georgia Strait to Egmont.  On the way we enjoyed a yummy caprese on char roll-up (sans bread, saving calories for the bakery).  Once again the crossing was a little ruffer than we prefer, but absolutely acceptable.  Once tied up to the Back Eddy docks we went for a walk to the bakery in the woods.  We love this spot, but the docks are in serious need of repair.

Skookumchuck Rapids at XL

Last night and today the rapids are at XL.  We have seen them before, but never this intense.  After dinner we took the tender down to the spot.  The current was crazy and even with our 40hp ourboard engine, it felt risky keeping above the rapids.  Because the Rapids drop below us, it was hard thphotograph from the tender.

Our day ended with a dramatic and unusual sunset. Breakfast at Westcoast Wilderness Resort

As promised the weather has shifted to drizzle and cloudy.  The tide changes this afternoon so we slept in and walked up the hill to the upscale alternative to the Back Eddy Resort, the Westcoast Wilderness Resort.  It’s lovely and serves breakfast.  This photo looks down at the True Love on the dock.  We are the inside boat.

Last year we didn’t get to visit PLI.  Our visit this year will be short on sun, but full  waterfall abundance and as usuall no connectivity.  A week of the grid.

The True Love Adventure Continues . . .

The Captain & First Mate of the True Love

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