Bye Bye Bora Bora – Onward to Aukland


The theme of our final day in Bora Bora yesterday was ocean!
We swam, snorkeled, kayaked and generally enjoyed the multitude of turquoise and blue hues.

Over breakfast yesterday we met a lovely lady who had traveled the world and never goes anywhere more than once. She had always wanted to see the blues of Bora Bora and says there is nothing else like them. Good to know.

We bought a carved Marlin tusk from a local artist with the help of the gift shop manager Hilsa. The artist is her friend and buying direct was a real deal compared to the art galleries in town. She delivered it by jet ski on her day off yesterday. She’s coming to Seattle in August. Hopefully, we will get to see her again

For dinner we took the boat shuttle and then the bus to the St. James restaurant which had been recommended by a couple of people. The setting was lovely, the food was presented beautifully and tasted delicious. We ate under the stars and over the water. The water was lit and we were treated to swarms of fish that were attracted to the light and even a manta ray.

Today we cross the international date line to tomorrow. It’s strangely exciting as we continue on our adventure. This morning I woke up, packed us up (everything still fits back into the suitcases as planned). Then I went for my last swim here. What a luxury to swim laps in front of our bungalow to a coral reef and back.

Soon we will check out. We leave here by boat at 11:20 for an 12:20 flight back to the main island of Tahiti where we’ll catch the 6 hour flight to Aukland that leaves at 5pm. Seems a bit tight, but they have clearly done this before.





2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bora Bora – Onward to Aukland

  1. Enjoying your trip very much. The scenery is beautiful. I am glad you are my relatives so I can enjoy the trip with you. We are following you on the map. Love, Donna and Aunt Odie

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