Bora Bora: Simple and beautiful.


Maururu: It’s sort if like Shalom or Aloha.
Iaorana: Good morning and thank you.
Nana: good bye

We were really lazy yesterday. We did go into town. It’s great if you want to buy Pearls. But, not much else.

We did meet the coral gardener a Francesca and Tony. They have been working on our beautiful coral for 10 years. They harvest sick coral from the reefs and put it in the forms. Then as the coral heals and thrives the fish come.

We did go to Bloody Mary’s the popular watering whole for a late lunch/linner but discovered they don’t do that there. So we had some small appetizers and yummy drinks.

Today, we go diving!

After breakfast today we went for a snorkel orotund our lovely  coral garden. The song “I like to be under the sea in an Octopuses garden . . . (in the sun, in Bora Bora).

Here is a fun photo of some of the shells. Great color.image

Francesca and Tony


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