Through the Worm Hole:

Through the Worm Hole:  From the Urban Jungle to the Secluded Marine Park

The last week has been remarkable, successful and eclectic.  I’m back to writing an update to the True Love Adventures on the south side of Octopus Islands, a small group of islands on the NE side of Quadra Island.   We are relaxed and rested.

Our vacation break in Seattle was busy.  Back at our Alpental home, the new brood of humming birds had hatched and were swarming around our feeders.  I was able to capture several good shots.

We began our “week back” with the very successful 60th Anniversary Edmonds-area High School Dance on Friday, and ended our trip back on Wednesday, helping local music superstars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis record a music video for their “White Wall” song on the roof of the Dick’s Drive-In on Seattle’s Broadway Avenue.

Thanks to Saul’s tenacious outreach efforts, we finally got in contact with the correct people and the Macklemore music video shoot transformed from idea to reality.  It was touch and go right up until the actual event.  Although it was supposed to be a secret, it leaked out and the crowds we always expected arrived early.  Dick’s was the center of attention with stories in almost all of the Seattle print, radio and TV media.  Here are a couple of links to the Seattle Times, the PI and the Capitol Hill Blog.  We even made CNN!  Jim, Saul and I weren’t done working until after 1:30 AM.

We got to sleep about 2:30 AM, slept about 4 hours, got up, did some few last-minute chores and then boarded our seaplane at the north end of Lake Washington for the flight back to April Point.  This time we flew in the smaller “Beaver” seaplane vs the larger “Otter” seaplane we flew on our trip back to Seattle the previous week.  I must say I like the Otter better:  it’s faster and quieter than the Beaver.  But I still loved the seaplane experience.  When the seaplane landed back at on our dock at April Point and we stepped out into the fresh air and got back on the True Love, it truly felt like we had been transported gone through a magic portal to a completely different space and time.  It reminded us of the worm hole in “Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine.”

Needless to say we were pretty exhausted.  We only had enough energy to enjoy a light dinner at the April Point Resort before collapsing in bed.

Friday was a long transitional day.  It began with a ride on the only cab on Quadra Island to the little grocery store where we reprovisioned for the rest of our vacation.    By the time we were done and restocked it was noon.  Our goal was to reach Octopus Islands, but we weren’t sure all the tides, winds and currents would work out.  We fought a strong North-West wind all day.  It was even windy in Calm Channel usually true to it’s name, but not on Friday.  So we explored a little bay on the west side of Calm Channel.  The Captain decided to drop anchor so we could take a break while we waited for slack tide at the Hole-In-The-Wall rapids, which was our last chance to reach the Octopus Islands before dark.

It was very nice to get out of the wind and we spent a couple of hours there sunning, resting and watching two seals play “my tail makes a bigger splash than yours” in the bay.  It was a perfect break.  The strong winds were in our face again as we turned west towards the Hole-In-The-Wall channel between Maurelle and Sonora Islands.  But, we only had to travel about an hour for this leg of the trip.  It was still about an hour before slack so we were up against a pretty stiff current, but well down from the 9-knot peak.  Even so, we watched small whirpools form around us as we went through.

It was all worth it as we approached our favorite “gunk hole” (a small bay in which to drop anchor) just outside of Octopus Islands Marine Park.  The Captain and the first mate of the True Love prefer to anchor away from the crowds and even with a NW wind ranging from 20-35 knots, this little spot was perfect, with no waves and barely5 knots of wind.  An Imageeagle greeted our arrival by flying overhead and we watched as she then carried a branch to her nest in the small rocky island just in front of our anchorage.

We settled in, lit the Sabbath candles and said a special prayer for all our blessings before we had some macaroni and cheese for dinner, showered and collapsed.  I really didn’t realize how exhausted we were until we woke up 12 hours later.

Saturday has been a perfect day of recuperation.  We had a very leisurely morning, drinking in the view all around us and bathed in the warmth of the sun while we enjoyed our protective little cove.   Before kayaking we splurged on some freshly made cherry ice cream topped with organic fresh cherries.  We love making homemade ice cream on the boat.

At low tide the animals come out to the shore to forage for food and we were entertained by lots of momma and baby raccoons Imageeating at the shore as we kayaked around the islands that make up this Canadian marine park.  When we got back to the True Love we enjoyed a yummy steak “linner” with coleslaw.  During our meal we watched a pair of juvenile herons trying to fish while being taunted by a much more successful kingfisher.DSC_0831

We even fixed our water pressure device!  We brought a replacement pump with us and thanks to Ben Rhoades’ (our often mentioned boat guru) instructions and preparations we were able to swap it out with virtually no problems.  As I finish writing this entry the Captain is taking a shower and the new pump is working perfectly.

DSC_0776The soft pink in the setting sky is reflecting on the water as we end our day.  Tomorrow we head to Dent Island, an oasis of luxury in the wilderness near Big Bay.  It’s a short trip there.  We just need to leave around 9:00 AM to get through the series of rapids at slack tide, beginning with Hole-In-The-Wall.

We have scheduled a guided fishing excursion for Sunday afternoon.  The First Mate is really looking forward to a good fishing lesson and hopefully catching a big salmon or two!

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