True Love Adventures Part 1 Comes To An End

photoYesterday we had a wonderful morning in Lund. We woke to a couple of fathers and a gaggle of boys fishing off the dock next to the boat.  They were very successful and caught a couple of large  cod.  After enjoying our usual morning elixir we went in search of  Nancy’s Bakery, now a “must stop” in the future.  We visited the Art Gallery and bought a soap stone sculpture of the a seal that now is poking it’s head out of its display onboard the True Love.   In general, we moved slowly and cast off for Campbell River around noon.

DSC_0575After being in the mountains of Jervis Inlet and Princess Louisa Inlet the expansive waters here seemed so big.  We made it easily to Campbell River and procured some temporary moorage to get supplies for our pressurized water system and some other stuff at the Target.

We hoped to once and for all fix the problem with the water pressure system by replacing a leaking check valve.  No such luck.   So we left Campbell River, took the short cruise to the east side of  Johnstone Strait and docked at our moorage at April Point.  Eagle sounds welcomed us as we approached the dock.

We tinkered a little more with the water pressure system, taking the old water pressure pump offline.  That wasn’t the problem.  We finally gave up and went out to dinner.  The food at April Point isn’t that good but the view is

This morning we did a lot of closing-down-the-boat chores.  We even were able find the number and use Skype to call the Jabsco water pressure system customer support people.  Turns out the problem  is a broken pressure relief switch.  Unfortunately, Jabsco was all out of them and would not have any more for 2-3 weeks.  Our guess is that this part is failing a lot, hence the fact that they are out of them.  So we plan to simply use our manual work around (turning the pump on and off at the circuit breaker) until we get back.  Although we were not able to repair it, we feel like we learned a lot and made a lot of progress.

DSC_0581Our Kenmore plane came to our dock to take us back to Seattle on Tuesday afternoon.  I was a little nervous about flying on the small seaplane.  But, oh my, what fun!  Of course it was a perfectly clear day and the views were magnificent.  Anyone who boats up in this area should take a seaplane flight.  We learned so much seeing the areas we had traveled by boat.  DSC_0604Beside the spectacular views we learned about great new places to anchor and gained interesting perspective on our travels.

Now we are back in Seattle for a week to help with some fun Dick’s Drive-In projects including our 60th Anniversary Edmonds High School Dance on Friday night.


Then we are off for Part 2 of the True Love Adventures 2013.  As we transition from vacation to work and back to vacation again, I’m reminded of a saying that was posted on the chalk board in the restaurant at Egmont.

“A master in the art of living draws no stark distinction between work & play; labor & leisure; mind & body; education & recreation.  He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing.  To himself he always appears to be doing both.”

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