Trapper’s Cabin Hike!

Trapper’s Cabin Hike!

This morning, I spent time reading the manual for my new Nikon D600, trying to master some of the intricacies.  I’ll see how I do on the next round of photography.  This afternoon we are contemplating hiking the trappers cabin trail for the first time.  We will see how far we get.  It sounds like a lot of work.

We did it!  IMG_1997The hike begins with a sign that says Caution don’t do this hike: it isn’t marked, it isn’t maintained, it can be slippery, blah, blah, blah.  We talked to the ranger, Craig, on the dock to let him know we were doing the hike (in case we didn’t come back).  Unfortunately, he had just put a nail into his foot and was taking his skiff to town to get x-rays and a tetanus shot.

But we had our portable VHF radio with us and he said our radio could reach Malibu Camp if we had a problem.  After the hike/scramble we learned he had asked the other boaters at the dock to keep an eye out for us in case we didn’t return in about 4 hours.

With our poles and hiking boots, Julie treats, water, flashlights and first aid kit we felt ready for the challenge. The weather was perfect with light overcast so it didn’t get too warm.  The dry conditions made the trail as easy as it gets.  It’s not that the trail was unhikeable; it is just that it’s very steep with lots of fallen timber and other debris so that you rarely get a break from “the next obstacle.”

Tree roots cascade down rock faces, creating great handholds for scrambling up and down the steeper places on the trail.  Fallen logs create many opportunities to test all the cross-fit training we have been doing.  The hike/scramble is in the woods and extremely vertical the entire two hours up until the last ten minutes when you finally plateau at a small space where the old trapper’s cabin is located that’s mentioned in the book Curve In Time.

Although it’s a beautiful spot, I can’t imagine schlepping stuff up there. IMG_1991We made the top in just under 2 hours.  The Captain and First mate felt very accomplished and strong.  IMG_1984We took about 20 minutes to take in the views of the waterfall and Princess Louisa Inlet far below us.

The hike down would be almost impossible wet, but it was very doable dry and we made it back to the docks in under an hour and 45 minutes.

Our fellow sea travelers at the dock greeted us with great enthusiasm.  They of course were beginning to get concerned that we hadn’t made it down yet and were contemplating how on earth they would launch a rescue.  But, no need.  We shared photos of the top and then headed off proudly on the True Love tender to our private, perfect anchorage.

Once on board we stretched on the bow and then enjoyed a well-earned supper.   I made a delicious summer salad with some smoked salmon, cheese, avocado, blueberries, sunflower seeds and a little bacon.  It all tasted so delicious. After dinner we enjoyed some homemade strawberry ice cream and a game of chess before bed.

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