Friday in PLI

Friday Morning


Our morning began with the Captain’s favorite breakfast – challah french toast.  The rest of the morning was spent relaxing, reading and writing.  The Captain played with a bottle of bubbles on he found onboard.

Around midday we went for a 3-hour kayak around PLI.


We stopped by the dock and chatted with Mike and Angie onboard the Sealestial.  They are from Flagstaff and have retired and now live on their boat that they keep moored in La Conner.

DSC_0446We also chatted with the Ausie couple onboard the Tuzi (pronounced “two-zee”).  They plan to take their beautiful Ocean Alexander boat back to Australia next year.  They’ve already sailed the world and have now switched to a 60’ powerboat.  Although we have no interest in “blue water” cruising, their stories and knowledge are fascinating.

We ended our day with more quiet repose, reading and napping while watching an afternoon storm pass us by but then circle back for and give us some brief, light rain.



Realizing it was Friday night we lit our candle, said our Sabbath prayers, and gave thanks for our time together in one of the most remarkably beautiful places on earth.DSC_0457

The fridge is definitely emptying, but we are still eating well.  I combined some heated up Trader Joe’s gnocchi in tomato sauce with pesto smoked turkey sausage and sautéed onions from the grill.  Pretty darn good!  The leftovers will make a yummy omelet tomorrow.

After dinner we were settling down to a game of chess when the Captain noticed that the debris field from a winter avalanche had dislodged and was slowly drifting towards the True Love.  Some of you might remember that last year we were woken at dawn by a large fallen tree entangled in our anchor chain.  So, to preempt a repeat of that situation we headed out with the tender and a water ski rope to wrangle and move the debris past us.  DSC_0458We were moderately successful moving the heavy tangle of timber about 100 yards past us. The tide should pull it away from us and out towards the entrance.  It will be interesting to see where it is tomorrow.

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